Massillon Materials, Inc.

Indian River Plant
2995 Indian River Road, SW Massillon, OH 44646


Warmington Road Plant
389 Warmington Road, SW Massillon, OH 44647


About Us

Wenger Excavating early headquarters

Massillon Materials Inc. was formed in 1985 in conjunction with the development of Northstar Asphalt to provide aggregate material to be used in the manufacture of asphalt. The success of any asphalt company is dependent on the ready supply of high quality aggregate and this is the number one priority at Massillon Materials Inc. In addition Massillon Materials Inc. supplies Wenger Excavating with the washed gravel aggregate needed for backfill and base material and produces aggregate and sand for sale to customers beyond the Wenger Companies.

Massillon Materials was originally located on North Erie Street in Massillon on a parcel of property owned by Wayne Spies. The aging processing equipment required heavy maintenance but Wenger Excavating employees teamed with the Massillon staff to keep the plant running and supplied the asphalt plant with nearly all of its raw aggregate until the North Erie Street location was completely mined. Subsequently the mined area was reclaimed and today serves as the location of a modern housing subdivision on Massillon’s north side.

During the last years of the operation on North Erie Street, Howard Wenger was able to find a suitable location to further gravel mining, a 190-acre parcel located at the intersection of US Rt. 30 and SR 21 in Massillon. Situated on this major intersection made access for the truckers the best it possibly could be.

In 1989 Massillon Materials Inc. began operations at the Indian River plant located at the 21-30 location. In the first couple of years a great deal of time was spent in constructing a high volume processing plant to provide the gravel required by Northstar Asphalt Inc. and Wenger Excavating Inc. Gravel continues to be mined from this location today as well as the Warmington Road plant north of Navarre. Massillon Materials Inc. has acquired additional property in the vicinity for its long-term aggregate needs.

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